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* Noti prego che questa stanza di chiacchierata è nella lingua inglese. - Co-ed Moderated Chat

Purpose: Designed to engage people in a topical and relevant issues related to spirituality.

Closed: 2 am - 6 am Eastern 

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1) Use of this room is at one's OWN RISK. 
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ALL USERS: Use of this room is permitted via the TERMS OF SERVICE.  Please read BEFORE participation.
4) Tips on using the chat room: Chat Tips
5) DISCLAIMER: The opinions expressed in chat by our various users are *not necessarily* those of the hosts of this site, nor of the administrators of this chat room.
6)Should you experience harassment of any nature when a moderator is not present  please select the name of the person so it is highlighted and click the "ignore"button.  The button will change to say "ignored" indicating you have ignored that person.  You can continue chatting in the room, but you cannot see anything that user says.  However, they can still see everything you say in the room.